Clinical research services

We provide full clinical research services

Clinical Operations Services

We are predictive, not reactive.

It takes both technology and deep clinical expertise to enable data-driven decisions in clinical monitoring. Pivotal’s clinical trial intelligence solution consolidates data on a single platform helping our teams transform insights into actions, anticipate trial risks and predicts the impact. We identify and manage key risk indicators to reduce danger and improve study efficiency.

Pivotal’s project managers will lead and coach the team throughout the clinical study to achieve the maximum potential. Our project leader will power the potential of our clinical trial intelligence solution to identify and remove any significant impediment for the study. The team, our CRAs, will work on the ground with the clinical sites to provide targeted site support that improves study compliance and site engagement.

Pivotal’s clinical team is full of energy-driven and cross-functional people with a profound experience in executing and managing clinical trials in all phases (I to IV) and covering most of the leading and more complex therapeutic areas.

Our service offerings:

  • Site selection
  • Study initiations
  • Project management
  • Patient recruitment
  • Risk management
  • Onsite monitorings
  • Remote monitorings
  • Site management
  • Vendor management
  • Site payments
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