Infectious Diseases, Vaccines & COVID 19

Preventing and fighting infection

Infectious diseases are caused by different pathogenic microorganisms, ranging from bacteria, to viruses, to protozoan’s, parasites or fungi – that can spread from one person to another, or even from one another species to human, causing the so-called zoonotic diseases. And it is assumed that infectious diseases are the major cause of death in the world. In fact, and according to the World Health Organization (WHO), globally 16% of deaths are resulted due to infectious diseases, making these diseases one of the greatest global challenges in medicine in our time. Infectious diseases are present transversally worldwide, and much emphasis needs to be placed in controlling and treating these diseases in areas of major poverty, specifically.

New infections agents do appear, and known organisms develop increased virulence or resistances to actual treatments. And recently the world has assisted to an international health crisis of unprecedented dimensions and costs caused by the uncontrolled spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus responsible for the COVID19 outbreak.

All in all, research on infectious diseases shall keep moving forward with the aim of providing new therapies to patients, but also deal with the development of new strategies for prevention. At Pivotal we have been committed with this purpose, and still are – both , to help in the fight against infectious diseases in general and in that against COVID19 in particular. There is still a long way to go so thats why we want to walk hand by hand with our clients.

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