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Transforming for long term value

Pivotal was born in 2001 surrounded by an environment of high scientific tenure and drive. Our founder, Dr. Ibrahim Farr, launched Pivotal to share and implement scientific strategies and best project practices that make clinical trials more efficient and maximize our client’s drug development programmes.

We are a company with as many as 200 employees and operating in 20 countries we have built focused specialization across all therapeutic areas and founded a strong oncology, innovative therapies and early phases hub that enable us to tackle our customers’ most difficult challenges. After 20 years of hands-on experience, we master clinical research.

Pivotal has heavily invested in becoming a data- driven CRO that prioritizes mobility. We dive deep into clinical trials by leveraging our near real-time advance analytics and visualization platform. We discover data-driven insights to anticipate trial risks and predict their impact. We are a technology-savvy organization. This has made us an efficient, agile and resilient company that is very focused on our customers.

Our approach to clinical research can be summarized in our Innovative Organization Model: connected with the clinical research and technology ecosystem, data-driven, agile and customer-centric.



Pivotal is founded in Madrid, Spain, by Dr. Farr.


Cross-border trials

Executed US & EU partnerships with Bio-Pharma companies and mid-sized CROs (mainly US-based).



Launched global PVG services.


EU Footprint

Started operations in Portugal, Italy, France, Germany and UK.


West EU & Central EE Consolidation

Pivotal initiates operations in Portugal.


Nordic Presence

Rolled out in Denmark and Sweden.


Patient Journey Services

Pivotal acquires Akcelis, a patient journey services company.


Pivotal has as many as 200 professionals, (>92% are employees).

Our Leadership Team

Leading through uncertainty and complexity

Our Culture

Builders of a better clinical research world, builders of a great place to work
Dr. Ibrahim Farr
Dr. Ibrahim Farr
Chairman &
Chief Executive Officer

At Pivotal, our purpose is building a great firm that attracts, develops, excites and retains exceptional people. Everyone in the company is responsible for creating leaders around us, for leveraging diversity as an asset.

By doing so, we play a critical role in building a better clinical research environment for the patients, for our employees and for our clients.

We have built a real value-driven organization. Our values act as our ‘North Star’ guiding our people in all our work, from our recruiting interview to our team evaluations, to how we interact with our clients.

We generate trust and closeness. Trust is the single most important ingredient we put in all clinical trials.
We make decisions based on data. We prioritize work based on the impact on our client’s performance indicators. We are predictive, not reactive.
We strive for quality in everything we deliver, we perform regular cross functional internal audits.
We like to share our knowledge, we are one. We know that as a team, the whole is more than the sum of its parts.
We bring people together with the same values. We are inspired by the lives of our patients. We have integrity.

Our Locations

We provide local knowledge with European experience