Oncology and Haematology

A helping hand to stop cancer

We walk side-by-side with pharma and, especially, biotech companies in a fast-paced research environment pursuing treating cancer. Cancer research is moving at full-speed and tirelessly exploring new approaches. Accompanying this research leading to broadening current therapeutic arsenal, demands a permanent medical update to understand and handle other innovative treatments apart from the “classical” chemo- and radio-therapies, tumor surgeries or hormonal therapies. We have invested enormously in understanding state-of-the-art oncology remedies, and in how to work with these novel therapies, that include those MoAb-based, gene therapies or T-cell-based treatments.

We do have full confidence in our expertise and knowledge to walk hand-in-hand with researchers from the very first moment in which their new medicines are to be tested on real patients, and proud to warrant outstanding reliable, scientifically-sound results.

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