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Patient Journey Services

Patient-centricity is part of our DNA

We aim to improve patient outcomes, and patient-centered thinking is an essential part of achieving that. Patients´view, preferences and experiences should drive clinical trial design. Our patient´s centered services leverage the patient´s perspective to enhance awareness, recruitment and retention. C-Lys is a cloud-based patient´s management platform that is fully customizable to your study and provides a range of automation and survey solutions to manage patient recruitment efficiently.

Our Patient Journey team combines expertise in digital marketing, therapeutic disease and clinical trial regulation, and it adopts an agile philosophy for the project´s execution.

Our service offerings:

  • Patient population research
  • Patients´ insights reports
  • Awareness campaigns
  • Study websites
  • Study materials
  • Media campaigns
  • Online communities
  • Patient centric ICF and protocols
  • Recruitment and retention plans
  • Patient management platforms
  • Pre-screen patients
  • Patient data captures
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