Neuroscience and Neurological Disorders

Intriguing and mysterious, the incentive we needed

It is estimated that neurological and psychiatric disorders and their sequelae affect as many as a billion people worldwide and impact thereof seems to spread transversally, affecting all age groups and all geographical regions – and even prevalence thereof appears to be growing. Many things can go wrong with the brain and the nervous system, and because of this, a vast number of pathologies have been described. Therefore, therapies to treat these disorders and help patients are also vast and expand from lifestyle changes, to physiotherapy, pain relief, and a broad range of medications. Most of these therapies are oriented to the alleviation of symptoms. Still, there is a clear need for novel therapies that can revert underlying neurological deficits or promote neural regeneration or provide the needed repair. Helping to unravel the causes behind these diseases and to bring new medicines to affected subjects is exciting and challenging but also, and above all, a priceless and rewarding challenge. Over the years, there has been much advance in understanding all these conditions, and in the generation of new treatments.

At Pivotal, we are proud of having been part of this area, and we look forward to remaining hands-on helping researchers, to develop new therapeutics.

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