Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Diseases

Developing life-saving treatments

No doubt, cardiovascular disorders are the number 1 cause of death globally, with near 18 million people dying every year. And this happens despite the many advances made over the last years in the treatment and prevention thereof. Lifestyle changes do significantly reduce and control the onset and progression of these pathologies and other non-surgical procedures and surgery itself. But also drugs play a crucial role to prevent and mitigate them.

For a long time, the drug pipeline for these diseases – especially cardiovascular diseases- has not been fed up with new medicines as expected, compared to advances made in other therapeutic areas. And this has happened even though clinical research on vascular diseases has never stopped.

Pivotal has been there all along the way, providing support to all developers of potential cures and treatments – and it is our objective to be there for long. We are excited with the idea of still having the opportunity of sharing our expertise and knowledge, based on field-experience, with those teams committed to finding remedies for all these conditions.

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