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We have successfully completed our Cloud Computing Journey

We operate in a fully qualified Azure Cloud Environment. We host all of our applications and services in compliance with 21 CFR part 11. “Microsoft Azure, with its flexibility and scalability, will help us build the capacity to scale, to test more scenarios more efficiently and in a shorter amount of time. We want to focus on ways to help our customers ingest data, clean it, store it at scale, and access it globally in real time,” says Santiago Buitrago, Director IT Infrastructure.

Our Azure Cloud Environment has been fully qualified in accordance with applicable regulations and Pivotal´s SOPs and this allow us to host 21 CFR part 11 applications.

Microsoft Azure brings several things to Pivotal:

  • High availability: : we have high availability and redundancy in data centers across EU and offer a service level agreement of 99.95%
  • Scalability: are able to build, manage, and deploy our applications anywhere with Azure within minutes
  • Security: has many compliance certifications and is a top choice of high-risk industries such as healthcare to provide cloud services



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