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XI Race against Cancer


Pivotal has just participated in the 11th Madrid, Spain, Race against Cancer, organized by the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC), and attended by more than 23,000 participants.

This charity race is aimed mainly to raise awareness as well as to raise funds for research in the fight against cancer.

Some testimonials by our employees are:

Jose Antonio Ruiz del Valle: “Race against Cancer was a great opportunity to support all the people who fight every day against this disease. As a CTA trainee at Pivotal, it had a special meaning to me since I participated with all my co-workers“.

Alejandro Garcia-Bernalt: “Taking part in this year’s Race Against Cancer has been such a fun experience to share with my colleagues. It was a nice sunny Sunday in which we all did our best in both distances (10 and 4.5 kms) while also contributing to the fight against cancer and trying to make the world a little bit better”.

Jesús Cortes: “Participating in the race against cancer has been a very rewarding experience. Not only for the personal satisfaction of giving up a sedentary lifestyle and being able to move legs and heart and promote a healthy lifestyle, the fact of sharing such an important common cause with so many people is something that really hits the spot. And sharing it all with fellow Pivotal members was just the icing on the cake”.

Thank you all for your solidarity (Jake, Pablo, Ismael, Ignacio, Laura, Jesús, Cristina, Micaela, José Antonio, Alejandro, Isabel & Marta).



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