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X Race against Cancer


Pivotal employees have shown their solidarity again by participating in the X Race Against Cancer held recently in Madrid. The main objective was to raise awareness about the importance of practicing healthy habits as well as promoting the investigation and supporting all the patients with Cancer and their families.

Some testimonials by Pivotal´s employees are:

Jesús: “We had a great non-working meeting – several Pivotalians took the excellent atmosphere out of the office and moved it to the X Race Against Cancer, where first, we contributed to a good cause and then, enjoyed our friendship having a delicious breakfast”.

Marta: “Taking part in the X Race Against Cancer has been such an enriching and funny experience. We were all there running or walking together to contribute to the fight against cancer. There were people of all ages, and the weather was great. We will always remember this day”.

Bidyot: “Running a marathon like this wearing our organization’s tee-shirt is a proud moment for me. Thanks, Pivotal for the great team and culture. We stand united for the cause of “Cancer-free world”.

Thank you everyone for participating and showing your support against Cancer (Ignacio, Noelia, Cristina, Marta, Ismael, Alejandra, Diana, Michell, Bidyot, Laura, Jesús, Andrea, Aitana, Marcos, Sonia, and Carmen).



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