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“Carrera de las Empresas”


A representation of our employees who have participated on Sunday the 17th December in “Carrera de las Empresas”.

Some testimonials below:

Pablo: The opportunity to participate actively in Madrid’s Corporate Race in representation of Pivotal has been exhilarating. The energy you get to feel in the event, the sense of camaraderie among colleagues and the amount of endeavor you put into it together makes it a memorable experience”.

Sonia: I was very happy to participate in the Corporate Race this year. Although the early start and the cold made me, for a moment, rethink the challenge, breathing that atmosphere of fellowship and sportsmanship was definitely worth it. The luxury breakfast for the effort is more than enough reason to run 6.5 km without training. Thank you very much Pivotal for generating these moments”.

Thank you for your big effort (Jake, Pablo, Ismael, Sonia, and Ignacio).



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